Budget travel by bike on $14 a day

Budget Travel by Bike: How You Can Do It for $14 Per Day
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You’ve been bitten. The travel bug has taken root in your soul. You long for idyllic temples floating in oceans of jungle, beaches with just one set of foot prints, and the rush of stepping off of a plane and being surrounded by a sea of strange. …


11 Traditional Breakfasts From Around the World

11 Traditional Breakfasts From Around the World

It could be that a lone bagel and a cup of cof­fee to-go is your idea of break­fast, and the only time you actu­al­ly sit down for this impor­tant meal is on week­ends and hol­i­days, but what about when you trav­el?

What hap­pens when you are i…

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5 Affordable Round the World Routes

World Airline Routes
World Airline Routes (Photo credit: josullivan.59)

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Too many round the world travel dreamers give up on traveling the world before they even begin, and many of them do it because of costs. We’re here to give tips on how to best use Indie and highlight 5 affordable trips to make your dream more of a…

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5 Affordable Round the World Routes