Education more ripe for disruption than nearly any industry: Scott Galloway says Harvard is now a $50,000 streaming platform


The pandemic, Galloway told Insider, has “pulled back the curtain on the game or the ruse that is higher education.”

Source: Education more ripe for disruption than nearly any industry: Scott Galloway – Business Insider

South Korea contact tracing cell phone study shows coronavirus infection in 5 minutes from 20 feet away 

A South Korean study raises concerns that six feet of social distance may not be far enough to keep people safe from the coronavirus.

Source: South Korea study shows how coronavirus spreads indoors – Los Angeles Times

Technology will not save us 



Nicholas Agar and Stuart Whatley write that — while the Covid vaccine trials continue to produce hopeful news that could lead to control of the virus — we should not always rely on sweeping technology to get us through other large-scale scientific issues such as climate change or the cure for cancer.

Source: Opinion: Technology will not save us – CNN

Cellphone location data shows Americans ignoring holiday travel restrictions

NBC News: Americans traveled in high numbers for Thanksgiving. Cellphone location data shows they struggled to maintain social distance..

To Be Happy, Pursue Unhappiness 

The pursuit of stature, material bounty — and ultimately happiness itself — is a fool’s errand. The more we achieve, the more we require to sustain our new levels of satisfaction. Which is all very well. But what on earth do you live for, if not happiness?Your commitments are the true road to salvation and the solution to an otherwise absurd existence. They didn’t always give pleasure; they may even “oppose and conflict with freedom or happiness. But in many ways, that was the point: The more we sacrifice for something, the more value we assign to it. Happiness involves the enthusiastic and unambivalent acceptance of activities or relationships that are not the best that might possibly be obtained. A lot of psychology operates on this rational notion that, Well, I do the thing that works best for me. But ultimately happiness is not what maintains us. What really maintains us is unhappiness.