If there is one word which best defines us it is “curious.” What sets us apart compared to other larger consultancies is that we take the time to get to know your users. Our training in social and cognitive sciences allows us to perform discovery, scoping, and research, expose deeply entrenched, inefficient workflows, and advocate for the user experience and stakeholder needs. This also allows us to work across functional, cultural, geopolitical boundaries and sectors such as life science, biotechnology, healthcare, and e-commerce to ensure alignment with regulatory standards. One of the most frequently overlooked areas of many organizations is understanding the real world user experience. We can do this using a variety of methodologies including 1:1 interviews, surveys, and online communities. This should then be used to create a project plan and roadmap.


Another word which defines us is “practical.” Our training in life science and informatics allows us to “speak the language” of technical fields such as biotechnology and rapidly move onto the design and implementation phases using an agile, iterative, rapid prototyping, integration of regulatory frameworks and standards, and visualization of complex data in an actionable manner to track outcomes. All without becoming a bottleneck for in house engineering teams. We prefer “showing” not “telling” and getting our hands dirty with IT, rather than just pretty slides. And we use hybrid online learning that combines remote study with intense hands-on boot camps and labs that allow us to continually upgrade our skills.