How to interview your next employer

Think Your Interview Process is Fair? Read This Letter.
BY Suzanne Lucas,

Most companies demand plenty of information from job applicants. There’s no good reason for this to be a one-way street.

What would hap­pen if job can­di­dates treat­ed you the way you treat them? You might be receiv­ing let­ters such as this…

DropcamPro: the best cloud based home security camera

Dropcam trades silver for black with its new, smarter Dropcam Pro
Ricardo Bilton,

Tick­ets On Sale Now

Drop­cam has come a long way from sell­ing some­one else’s hard­ware.

The home sur­veil­lance hard­ware com­pa­ny, which start­ed out by sell­ing cam­eras made by Axis, is updat­ing its prod­uct line again with the $200…

FBI seizes Silk Road website

FBI seizes black market website Silk Road, arrests its founder
Jon Fingas,

Light just reached one of the dark­er cor­ners of the web: the FBI has seized Silk Road, a site infa­mous for host­ing anonymized, Bit­coin-based drug and gun sales. The move fol­lows a sting oper­a­tion that also led to the arrest of site founder…